Restaurant Lighting 

Living in one of the fastest growing cities in the country, I am constantly seeing new and exciting restaurants open up as I drive through town. While service and a great menu are must-haves, lighting is often the secret ingredient to a successful restaurant. The mood and emotions that lighting emits allow the customers to invest not only in a great meal, but also into an unforgettable dining experience. 
Maybe it’s my obsession with all things lighting, but I find myself paying more attention to all the lighting details than what is actually written in my menu. 

From boutique to family-style dining and from coast to coast and beyond, I find my Dome Pendants most commonly requested by restaurant owners. This lighting design boasts a contemporary industrial charm while delivering a warm sophisticated glow. 

Black Hammered Dome
Hammered Metal Light Fixture
Oversized Dome
Dome Shaped Pendant Light
Copper Dome Light Fixture
Hangout Lighting
Oversized Pendant Light
Oversized Brushed Nickel Pendant Light
Metal Dome Light Fixtures

  Dome Pendants come in a wide array of sizes and shades. Not only are the dome shades custom made in diameters ranging from 11″ all the way to 48″ in both smooth and hammered, but you can request any color combination to fit your desired dining ambiance. Some of my clients’ favorites have been Flat Black, Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Brass and White.

Getting the lighting just right is my specialty;

I’ll leave the menu selections to the chefs!  

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