At our office we needed a cool looking table and I remembered driving by these large cable spools. I decided to stop by and ask the company how much they wanted for those large spools, to my shock the gentleman said, “free”.

Here is a quick glimpse on what it took to make these unique connected Cable Spool Desk.

Step 1 – Find just the right ones                                       



Step 2 – Load ’em up and take them back to the shop


Step 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 – Take apart, sand, sand, sand, stain, distress, get legs ready


Step 10 – Finish legs and pull up a chair!


2 thoughts on “Picking: Cable Spool – Office Table

  1. Nikitha says:

    The tables you made are AWESOME!!! I’ve been looking for spools to build a play structure for kids. We are in California, but I was wondering what type of company you found these at? I’ll look for the same in my area.

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