When I’m not creating ReClaimed Creations in my downtimeI work full-time for a product development company and our division is responsible for producing national airing commercials for various products we create. (Hot Huez, Party In The Tub, Gyro Bowl)

We wanted to do a refresh on the popular, Perfect Bacon Bowl commercial and this time we wanted to take a different approach and create a spot that would stay stuck in your head! I started by coming up with as many funny scenes with the Bacon Bowl I could think of. Lots of them either never made it to production for obvious reasons (woman gives birth to Bacon Bowl) to scenes that got cut on the edit floor (cute dog eating out of it; baby eating cheerios out of it; Bacon Bowl ice bucket challenge). The jingle is so catchy that you’ll be humming it on your way to work.

Watch: The Perfect Bacon Bowl Commercial


Here are some behind the scenes pictures from our shoot:

20140914_154618   PBB-001   20140908_161313

 PBB-002   bucket   MakingPBB-004PBB-003






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