Being a fanatic of Edison Bulbs I was instantly drawn to these NEW energy efficient Edison Bulbs! I thought I’d had seen every style of vintage style Edison Bulbs on the market but I stand corrected.

After digging around on the internet I soon found out that these bulbs have yet to appear in the US market. This excited me.


What’s better then an Edison bulb? An Edison bulb that uses 1/8th the power! These CCFL bulbs as they are called are energy efficient and last an estimated 25,000 hours. Regular incandescent Edison bulbs have a lifespan of 2,000 hours.

The Quest For An Adequate Successor Of The Edison Squirrel Cage Lamp Ends Here!

The dimmable Edison Eco-Filament is the only low-energy alternative (7 watts) to the classic Edison squirrel cage filament light bulb. The bulbs are straight replacements for traditional E27 60W pear shaped lamps – same bulb size, same cap and same light output – but last five times as long!

Before I bring this new bulb over to the US market, I want to gauge its response. If you like these new bulbs and are  interested in them, please shoot me a note and let me know.


You can contact me at:

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